The Second Attempt Socks!

Yes! That is the plural of sock. I have two! A pair! That I made! Now I just have to hang in there and wait several months before I actually have need to wear them (unless I crank up the a/c and that's not gonna happen).

So here are the specs.
I (along with Diane, aka Mackville Road) used the Basic Sock Recipe by Yarn Harlot. This pattern was great and fairly quick (I am a slow knitter). Basic is the key word here. Simple ribbing (which I shortened by half an inch) followed by a tube of stockinette, then the heel (my favorite), followed by more stockinette and then finally the toe decreases. Easy peasy. Thank goodness.
I used two skeins of Koigu KPPPM colorway p128 (at least I think that's it) using size one needles. Have I said that I love Koigu? I love Koigu. I never tire of looking at the colors they offer.

I do believe had it not been for Diane knitting these along with me, I would not have finished this soon. I seriously surprised myself when the second sock was actually completed. I was also elated. For some reason socks have been a challenge to me. Part of it is knowing that I will have to knit the same thing twice. My attention span is a bit of an issue. And I think my failed attempt at the Jaywalker was a bit discouraging. But I have overcome! (thanks, Diane)

Also, I enjoyed myself at the "photoshoot". The pictures aren't as vivid as I would like, but the heck with it. For your enjoyment, please imagine me in my tent of a maternity suit (although really I love it) slathered in a 30 spf sunblock, wearing my socks on the pool deck. Yeah, I got a few looks, but that's okay. I can make socks.

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  1. love them! perhaps i need a partner to knit along with - my husband just complained that everyone in our family has hand knit socks except for him. size 11 socks - that will truly be a labor of love.


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