3 may be the magic number

but 4 is my favorite. So I just wanted to share this video which I came across via girl in the green dress. It's full of good things - muppets, penguins, the number 4 and Feist.

Now, I have to go shower because Matt and I are going out to dinner (Greek food, yum) with grown-ups tonight. Woooooohoooo!


  1. Proof positive that Sesame Street is THE coolest show ever.

  2. No kidding! That was great!

    What?! Double date night?! That sounds pretty great, too!

  3. i saw this and fell in love with it, too. every time i find myself losing faith in the sesame street of today, they go and do something great and make me forgive them their "abby cadabby" and their 20 minute long opening skits. last season it was cookie monster's take on "elmo's world" and this year it is feist's 4.

  4. mrs. brown -

    my sentiments exactly. it's pretty much unbearable to watch nowadays. luckily H. isn't into too much.


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