Badge (necklace) of Honor

This past Friday morning the boy and I were in the office and I was going through some of my reads. Henry decided to join me and sit on my lap. I was reading Mackville Road and at the bottom of the post Henry could see this which prompted him to say "i want that" with an emphatic point of his finger. So we were inspired and I grabbed what was readily available (which wasn't much). A random grab of yarn leftovers in varying colors, some wooden beads, and by luck a button with large holes.
I got it started for him by stringing two beads and let him take over.

He enjoyed this maybe even more than I did! A few times the yarn fell out of the needle and I had to fix it, but other than that (and tying up the ends) he did this on his own. I'm sure he could tell how proud I was, but more importantly I think he was pleased with himself. Plus, it kept him busy for quite some time (extra bonus).

I thought he would boastfully wear this piece of art all day long. But after about 2 minutes he came to me with it and said "mama" and handed it to me. So now I have been proudly wearing it since.


  1. That might be the sweetest thing ever!

  2. Yay!! He did such a great job on his first necklace and how sweet to give it to you! The neckline of your shirt -- GORGEOUS.

  3. thanks! he is a sweet boy. oh, and that's my nightgown :)

  4. How sweet! Just wait until he makes one with cereal (Fruit Loops) and insists on you wearing it and it crumbles while you have it around your neck either from humidity or from snacking.


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