looking forward

In an attempt to get over myself, and to veer away from this funky mood I've been careening towards I'm going to share with you a few good things.

Good neighbors who bring you squash (and other veggies) when they have an abundance.

Knowing my boy has a passion that he will be able to share with his papa.

Finding some tools at a great deal that will help me (hopefully)learn to play an instrument I've wanted to play for a long time now. Although to be honest, I will be happy if I can learn to tune it :)

Finding Henry is own Go Box at my favorite flea market right before our summer travels begin. (This will be great in limiting the amount of toys and 'stuff' that can travel with us. If it doesn't fit in the Go Box, it doesn't Go.) Thank you Blue Yonder for the great idea. Now I kind of want one for myself - great knitting carrier.

Knowing that this time next week, we'll be doing what we were doing almost exactly one year ago in the exact same spot.


  1. Thanks for showing the way to the go box. That is such a neat idea. I really have to find a box for big L.

  2. No problem! It is such a great idea, good luck in finding one. I didn't have a difficult time, I hope you don't either.

  3. I would have trouble with the Go Box...I tend to pack a lot of food wherever I go, which would leave little room for anythign else :)


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