Finished . . . almost

Alright, so technically they're not done. Oh, but I am soooo close! I had major issues with the buttonholes. I mean they did prevent me from even touching these things for about a month. I had to find a tutorial online on how to sew a buttonhole (which I found to be very helpful) and watch it a few times. Then after I started sewing on my pants I went to check my stitch width on a fabric scrap and somehow discovered exactly how to use the buttonhole maker on my machine (for which I have no manual). So, then I had to practice that a hundred times or so. I came up with two very uneven and different sized holes for my drawstring. oh well. Then the edge stitching. Actually more frustrating than the buttonholes, believe it or not. The bobbin ran out of thread (I checked and thought there was plenty, oops). The bottom stitches became loose. The thread broke. I had to restart countless times. Not really that many, I just didn't want to count lest I become discouraged. Now I have ended up with a not so attractive edge stitch, but one I think will hold up for now.

Now on to the finishing touches. The hems. I am swimming in these pants (at least at the feet). I used vintage bed sheets that I thrifted for the fabric and thought I could cheat by using the already hemmed top of the sheet for the hemmed bottom of my pants. Save time, less sewing, right? Nope. They are way too long. So, that's all that's left. I just need to hem my pants. I just couldn't even think about hemming after the nightmare of edge stitching the drawstring casing. It will have to be done another night. At least I know they are wearable at this point and they are oh, so comfy! These will not be the last pair I make of these and overall I am pretty pleased with myself. I have never made anything wearable. Ever. I'm learning and that's what counts right now.


  1. Yay! You made pants!!

    I'm thinking maybe you should leave the cuffs long and you can sort of dust mop around the house as you go...

  2. ha! the thought actually crossed my mind!


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