I am ever expanding.
This time is a bit more uncomfortable than I seem to remember with Henry. Not really bad. Just seems to be putting more
of a strain on my body.
Henry met a fairly new (6-8 weeks old) baby today and was so sweet and gentle with him. It was fussing a bit and Henry had such a look of concern on his face while he gently stroked the baby's leg. I think he's ready for his new role.


  1. Thanks for the profile photo! You look gorgeous as always. Ben, too, met a 12-week-old baby the other day, actually, a Baby Ben. He kept saying "beebee" and petting the baby's face. So cute. Ever since, he has pointed out any babies he has seen. They are smart little guys!

  2. My favorite moments are when Gus seems to really enjoy Tuck. Tuck just loves everything about Gus. He was cracking up while Gus was eating crackers the other day. It took us a while to realize why he was laughing,And then we all had started belly laughing.

    I've been behind on Bloglines. Love the PJ pants! What's more comfortable than walking around in sheets! I've got to get to the thrift store.

  3. Look how cute you look! See, what the sister should have commented was about how uncomfortable she was with Tuck compared to Gus. That kid did everything but stand on her cervix and I think he may have done that.

    When the girls were little, maybe five months, Veronica found Betty to be a most pleasing playmate . . . as a spring board. I know I should have stepped in earlier, but they both had a blast.


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