the new enemy

Well, not really enemy, but the newest thing to conquer.
Over the weekend we learned that Henry has mastered doorknobs. We knew it was coming, we saw the signs, but still it seemed so sudden. We put him to bed Sunday night and within seconds of us coming downstairs we turned around and there was the boy. So I succumbed to buying these stupid covers. They are unsightly but they are serving their purpose. I wish I had a better solution. We have eye hooks on the sliding doors and screens, but the boy has a temper so I'm afraid if we used those inside there would be some smooshed fingers. Also the fear of him going into the garage on his own is scary. You practically need a hard hat to get down there anyway.

Besides, I can only take so many trips up the stairs every night to keep putting him in bed. (don't worry, his door is opened before we hit the sack every night). Oh! And we also had to put the baby gate up in the hall before bed because Monday morning Henry was found sweeping the kitchen floor when we woke up!

I give it two months tops. He'll have these suckers figured out.

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