Play ball!

Okay, first let me say that I really thought I would have a finished project to share, but I don't. It turned out not to be a good weekend for finishing anything. Matt wasn't feeling well Saturday night and spent the night in bed after dinner and turns out the sewing machine is in our room, so no sewing for me (but Matt is fine now). So, onto the rest of the weekend.

We celebrated Father's Day a bit early and also in conjunction with our 6th wedding anniversary (June 8). We've been eager to take the boy to his first ball game and thought it might not be so crowded as it would be next Sunday, so off we went. Cooler packed with frozen fruit, frozen water, a bit of juice, plus another bag to carry everything else - diapers, wipes, peanuts, towels, camera, books and other activities in case the boy needs to be distracted, and most importantly, frog (the sleepy time snuggly). We tried to arrive prepared and we fared well. We even made it to the ninth inning with everyone's dignity intact, although we did leave then because the game was tied and it had been a long game. We had no intention of keeping a tired boy there for extra innings (which was a good thing because before we were even out of the staduim the opposing team scored three runs).

First, let me start by saying it was HOT! As in a record breaking 95 degrees (avg. temp for now is 84)! Luckily, I have moments of mediocre intelligence and planned ahead and purchased seats I knew (fingers crossed) would be in the shade. Still, it was non-stop, clothes drenching sweating the entire game. But, that didn't matter.

There is something about going to a ball game and experiencing all the action in person. It begins with walking up to the stadium in droves and handing that ticket over knowing that there is a possibility of seeing some spectacular (maybe even record breaking) athletics happen right in front of you. Then, there is the walk to your seat. The sights, the slow moving people in front of you, the vendors calling out, and the smells. Oh! the smells! That mix of super sweet goodies mingled with hot dogs, beer and fresh air just screams 'summertime sporting event'. I love it! Then before the game even begins, the best tradition in baseball. Our national anthem. There is something about our national anthem that gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, especially in such a big arena, surrounded by so many people. I know I may be a wee bit emotional (hormonal) lately, but I got a little teary-eyed sharing that moment with my husband and my son for the first time. *sigh* I do have to admit I got emotional quite a bit throughout the day. I mean, how many times can I get sentimental about the boy eating a hot dog (and like such a big boy)?

As much as I love baseball, I could hardly watch the game. I couldn't take my eyes off of Henry. He was taking in everything and he couldn't stop saying "baseball" and "hot dog". He clapped and cheered and even did the tomahawk chop. He really got into the spirit of the game (and handled being confined to 3 seats amidst a sea people). It made his mama proud.

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