Let Me Rephrase That

I'm sorry. Did I say tip-toeing? I believe I must have stubbed my toe and am now crawling back to my blog world. Sheesh! I'm almost embarrassed, but I have already forgiven myself, so I hope you will do the same.

I have been exhausted for the past month and a half. So far, this pregnancy has been exactly like Henry's. No sickness, a few physical discomforts every now and then, and just being tired. All. The. Time. Not only has this space been neglected, but also all knitting, housework, picture taking, and most communication with anyone outside of my household. Fortunately, I feel the energy levels rising up and I am on the verge of a triumphant return to normalcy. At least until that little bump shows itself. (oh, I can't wait for that little bump!)

So, since I have no knitting news to share, let me tell you about my wee little boy. He has been growing like a weed and so has his fearlessness. He is a climber. Now he is a climber with absolutely no fear. He has been discovered on the kitchen table countless times and is now climbing the shelves in his room (while somehow navigating around the humidifier). Yesterday, while I was making lunch, Henry was playing in the living room. This is normal. I hear tinkering on the piano keys. Again, normal. Then, I realize it has been quiet long enough for me to go, "hmmmmm". This too is fairly normal. So, I peek my head around the corner and what do I find? Yeah . . . the boy is sitting on T O P of the piano. I am pretty sure those were some twinkle toes tickling the ivories. Absolutely, no fear on his part. As for me, well, he does make my heart race but he can sure put a smile on my face in a hurry.

This is a tricky road for me because I don't want to show him the fear I feel when I see these things. I am glad he has the confidence to try. Somewhere I read about a daughter saying her mother never told her "be careful" instead she was told to "pay attention". (I think I read it in 'Last Child in the Woods') I have had to work at adopting this because I found myself saying "be careful" way too often and I believe "pay attention" has more meaning and value. All I can say is that I foresee a mini rock climbing wall (or something of the like) in our very near future.

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  1. Hee hee! Well, I forgive you for being gone (you have such a good excuse!) and I'm glad you're back. I'm sorry that the boy is scaling the piano... yikes! Love that last picture.


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