The Week in Weather

It's been pretty crazy here as far as weather is concerned. Within the past week to week and a half it has gone from being in the 40's to being in the 70's. No jackets have been necessary. I wore shorts the other day! Actually, Matt calls them short pants because they come to my knees. Whatever. All that means to me now is that I am going to have to start shaving more regularly. Darn.

Last night downtown Atlanta was hit by a tornado. Downtown. As in CNN, Philips Arena, Centennial Olympic Park.
The St. Patrick's Day parade was cancelled, too. I think most events scheduled for around here were cancelled.

We had some pretty bad thunder storms pass through early this morning. There's nothing like waking to the sound of hail pounding on the windows. As of right now a good portion of Georgia is under tornado watches until 7 p.m.. We have already spent a good 30 minutes hunkered in the garage. I really wish we had a basement. We have so much stuff in the garage that I am not sure it would actually be any safer than a closet on the first level. We contemplated all of us putting on our bike helmets, just in case. So, to say the least, we will be hanging around the house all day since sirens are going off about every 30-45 minutes. Luckily we ran errands this morning and got some goodies to make (cereal cranberry bars).
Here's to hoping that the storms pass without too much damage and that everyone stays safe!

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