We had the most beautiful blue skies here over the weekend so most of our days were spent outside.
Not a necessarily eventful weekend, just hanging around the yard and exploring. Matt & Henry spent
much of Saturday morning trying to clean out the garage (how do we accumulate so much?!?). We actually
had people stop thinking we were having a yard sale! I did offer up a few things for sale or asked them to
make an offer, but alas, no takers. So, now I have some things to post on craigslist and on freecycle and
inevitably a hefty trip to Goodwill.
Yesterday we hiked a new trail at Red Top Mountain. It was a short trail because with the boy in tow there
is no other way. I would rather a one mile trail take two hours and let him explore and wander off a bit than
make him hurry and try to keep up or stick him in the jogger stroller. The trail was nice, much of it was a
narrow peninsula on the lake so we had great water views. On the way to the point there was a small bridge
where we sat and snacked on some oranges in the company of a friendly goose. When we did reach the point
there were many rocks and boulder just right for sitting or climbing, your choice. No pictures of our lovely hike
though. Some days I just don't feel like lugging the camera out to the woods. I really need to get our small
camera fixed for those kind of days. That way I would have some good pictures of a goose and fearless climber.
By the way, that said fearless climber is definitely not me. I have a semi-recent fear of heights that I can not explain.

Oh, and I gave in to temptation and wore the elastic pants today! (Mainly because nothing else comfortable was clean) :)

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