i like nyc

holly's recent trip to nyc for this cool project had me reminiscing about my one trip there way back in '03. it was in january and it was cold. i was there for work but my boss' wife and i hurried through our trip through the buyer's market so we could have more time for playing. we stayed on 42nd street, i forget the hotel. it was across from a sanrio store and next door to madame tussaud's. i remember a lot of walking and looking up. and of course having a camera (film!) attached to my face. i can still recall the amazing pastrami on rye i had at a deli i can't remember the name of. same goes for the greek dinner that was enjoyed at a cramped restaurant that was probably called nick's, but i'm not sure about that one either. freezing as we walked the two miles from our hotel to central park, exploring the park, and walking back again. i think all we did on that trip was walk and eat (after we did our work). what amazed me was how at home i felt. i can't wait till the next time i go. and it will happen. i have some museums to get to : )

these are two of my favorite fun shots from that trip.
break it down.
fur dog.

thanks holly, for sharing your trip with us and bringing back some great memories for me!

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  1. you are so welcome! this was my first trip (besides a 2 nighter at the beach for a wedding this past summer) since i went to vegas to get hitched back in feb of '04. do the math on that one. angus came, too! (sort of) so needless to say, it was much needed and highly therapeutic. i've been to NY so many times in the past, but this trip was different. it felt right and good and purposeful and comfortable and relaxed and rejuvenating. we crammed so much fun into just a few days, traveling confidently and for the most part without a plan. when i've visited before, i felt haunted by the need to have personal space & quiet amid the hustle of the city and the cramped spaces we'd visit. maybe it is motherhood that has seasoned me--made me more resilient and less needy of the solitude & silence i used to crave. all i know is that this time, it just felt right and now i want to live there. which can't happen. and that makes me feel like i'm missing out on something huge & important. isn't that weird?


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