a cap for me.

so, now that some of those ducks are lining up (or the laundry pile is temporarily diminishing, a few emails have been replied to), i can steal a few moments to share a finished object. yes! of the knitting variety (sometimes i think i need to remove the word knits from my blog title).

way way back in october i started this little ditty. come november amidst all the stockings i had knit, i finished it. come february, i finally photographed it! lets just say i knew it would snow and was awaiting the right conditions.

she was a quick and easy knit done up in berroco vintage sloe berry. i was grateful because i thought maybe i was losing my mind trying to knit something up for myself with the holidays approaching. turns out this was the perfect thing. i mean i was in need of a hat. and respite from the stockings i had going (not that the stockings themselves were bad, but the repetition could get to me).


i'm not really a hat person, but i have sensitive little ears. when they get cold they burn! so this was the perfect year to have a decent head cover since it has been so much colder and windier than normal. like i said, possibly i just knew the right conditions were coming. or maybe it was just the years of wishful thinking!


***my cute little niece, amaya, was the most willing model. and she was just perfect!***


  1. Well done! It looks like I thought that it would -- on her -- does it fit you like that? All slouchy?? It looks great.

  2. Fun hat! I was just noticing a woman wearing a hat like this today at our coffee shop. It is so hip. I bet you can't wait to wear it. Love the color too!


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