continuation of things i love.

and things i want to make.

my creative mind is in overdrive. all i want to do is make make make. all i need is time time time.
i do this thing where i squirrel away all these creative inspirations i find on the internet, books, magazines. before i can touch most of them i discover even more wondrous things to imagine making. then on occasion i go threw these reserves and edit them a bit. i try to be realistic about what i am capable of doing, experience-financially-and time-wise. and there are things that just never budge from this crafty wish list.

i have an insane desire to sew lately. it's almost all i want to do, though i do have a few knitting projects on the needles or about to be. but for some reason it has hit me that my sewing skills are getting better and it's time to tackle some new projects, lest the skills start to recede. so, the other day i went through my fabric and yarn stash which is relatively small and decided on the next few projects i plan on taking up.

and here is my list in no specific order:

several of these, because i fell in love with them the instant i saw them. i want a row of these hanging in bea's room and a couple for henry. and possible one to hang downstairs to gather up the bits and pieces from the day that will eventually need to be placed back upstairs.

the super quick + easy baby quilt seen in this post. i've got some vintage sheets and linen just calling to me for this project.

a long awaited scarf for henry. i've saved up some of his 'baby' clothes, ironed and cut the pieces and now i just need to layout the patchwork and sew that puppy up! he's been asking for a scarf and it's not quite what he asked for. i'm going to make it oversized so it will (hopefully) fit for years and years. this is what he has specifically asked for after seeing this one. but with a beard.
***note to self: put this on the list now!***

and i did add to my collection of fat quarters some pretty plaids. i really want a quilt. something simple that will get used and abused loved like crazy. something for sitting in the yard, for outdoor concerts in the park, for taking to the beach, for indoor picnics. i was inspired by this lovely one and have the layout done up just so.

so these are things i can't wait to begin working on. maybe by the end of spring i'll have one or two done : )

in the meantime i have the cutest little shrug on the needles (two sets of needles to be exact). i was about finished with the first cuff when i decided i didn't like how my cast on edge looked. so i cast on again, but kept the first one on the needles in case the second start didn't look any better. it did. so, here i go again!
this is the yarn i'm using.
pacific blue.

and that is my crafting wish list. how about you? what's in your queue?


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