the owl {complete}

as promised there are more gifts to share. this is one i am so proud of. it turned out so closely to how i had pictured it in my head before i began making it. basically, i made my own version of these.
the bea's owl
i drew the pattern free hand and attempted several versions of legs and feet. i still don't feel i got that part quite right, but i'm still happy with the outcome. the best part was putting the fabrics together in different combinations, which is not my strong suit. the legs were originally going to be a dark red fabric with a black pattern, but those did not turn out so well. it was a good mistake because i love the stripey legs on the owl just as i like it when bea has stripey legs!
the bea's owl
the fabrics are a mix of new, hand me down, and repurposed. years and years ago matt's grandma gave me bunches of fabric. two of those are what make up the wings. the corduroy is an old jacket of mine that i wasn't wearing anymore. the back is a fabric i've had for some time and have used little bits here and there. and the yellow and green striped fabric are relatively new and were meant for other projects but they just worked so well i had to use them. (i love that yellow!)
the bea's owl {back}
bea snuggled onto the owl right after she (with henry's help of course) opened it on christmas morning. it's a laugh to see her carrying this big bird around! it's great for breaking her falls. i think in the next few weeks a wee version of this owl may make its way to the sewing machine. something a little easier to tote around.
the new addition
one more handmade coming tomorrow - if i can get some decent pictures.


  1. I absolutely love it! How crafty and clever of you. Can't wait to see the next homemade thing!

  2. Anonymous12/31/2009

    I love that owl! You did a fantastic job! It remdinded me of a stuffed owl my great aunt made for me and that I slept with every night for years. Whenever it would get a hole or wear out in a place she would patch it up for me.
    Hope it evokes such warm memories for those beautiful little ones!

  3. LOVE your owl. You are quite the sewer (is that a word?) i love the yellow too :)


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