favorite friday

this week has been full of busy work. not of the house variety either as the state of our home would prove. priming, crafting, sewing, knitting, and playing. it's been a good week and while we're beginning to feel the pressure to get some last minute things done i think it has all been relatively stress free. or maybe just stress reduced. hoping your week leading up to christmas is full of good cheer, warmth, and loved ones.

paper cutting
he says he wants to make something, but really he just likes to cut paper.

library time
leisurely library time. sans kiddos.

alone in the car
driving alone. sans kiddos (these things don't happen very often). it was a beautiful foggy night.

nativity play
wild and creative nativity play involving mummy pits.


  1. Mummy pits. The best.

  2. I like the mummy pit nativity play too. That's just the sort of wacky stuff that goes on around here.

  3. Ahhh.. the library. I could stay. For hours. Bury me in books.. please.


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