favorite friday

when i read (and enjoyed) this post at bee house hives the other day i decided to take sarah's idea and make off with it. friday seems like the perfect day for me as it one of my favorite days of the week. it kicks off the weekend, which to a play at home mom doesn't necessarily mean much except that matt will be home for 2 whole days and that's a winner in my book. it's also a nice way for me to reflect on my/our week and just another way to appreciate those little things that end up being such a big part of who we are. so here are some of my favorites.

snowman forest. i have weak spot for snowmen. maybe it's the lack of snow here. EVERYWHERE seems to have snow but here!
snowman forest

coffee. knitting. warm electric blanket. christmas lights. cuddly boy next to me. underdog cartoons. napping dog & napping bea.
these are a few of my favorite things.

chef bea. especially in the oversized hat. busy hands and a busy mind. she loves hats even if she can barely see.
chef bea

someone to share the electric blanket with. first thing in the morning that is where you can find him. he likes to be warm.
and he likes old cartoons. today it was underdog, other days it's 1940's superman and popeye cartoons. i like them too.
snuggly boy with a snuggly.

being able to whip up a fresh batch of laundry soap to help me tackle all the laundry i've let pile up this week. i aim for this to be my only housekeeping chore all weekend.
homemade laundry soap

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  1. Sweet post, Jessica : ) I'd be happy to snuggle up with H, too. We're freezing here right now and that looks NICE. And darn he's cute. And I know Bea is, somewhere under that hat!


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