just one more peek

another peek
almost done with bea's owl. i just need to close her up. i think i may need to remove some of the stuffing. i'm afraid the seams might be or get a little stressed. my feeling is that this owl may have a rough, but well-loved life. it's hard to tell from the picture this bird is quite large. almost as big as beazy herself. my mom had a good suggestion to make a little baby owl for bea to tote around or snuggle. i think i just might have to do that. after the holidays of course!

still a couple of projects left. one may not make it. i can't get the tension right on my sewing machine. if you have any suggestions i'd love to hear them. the tension is off on the bottom and i am using a heavy fabric (canvas). i thought i had it, but not quite. hello, seam ripper!

i may not be popping in the rest of the week, so if i don't -

merry christmas! i hope you are surrounded by those you love and that your days are filled with love, laughter, and light (and magic)!


  1. Anonymous12/22/2009

    It looks great, beautiful fabric choices! I wish that I could help you with the tension, I know how frustrating that it can be. Have a merry Christmas.

    Michelle (Meshl from Flickr)

  2. Awesome snowman header, so festive! And the owl looks beautiful. I always overstuff my guys and live to regret it, I second the unstuffing notion.
    As for the tension, wish I could help you, I always go running to my local machine shop with these questions. Those ladies get me up and running (and feeling a little sheepish) and they usually feed me cookies, too.

  3. look at your beautiful sewing. I hope you show us the whole owl soon.. it looks so cute! Merry Christmas to you too friend!


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