just don't call me crazy

ambitious? maybe.

our poor girl has been sleeping in a dungeon of a room since she was 9 months old. her room used to be the office/guest room and was painted a dark weird color that is hard to describe. a brown-purple something awful. we didn't touch it before she was born because we knew she would be sleeping with us so we figured we had time. then we weren't sure if we were going to have henry and bea share a room. we went back and forth for a long time. needless to say we chose to giver her her own space. for the time being. i would like for them to share a room, but for now with many of henry's toys being of the choking hazard variety, we thought it best for them both to have their own space and space for those types of toys (in henry's room).

so now, less than two weeks from christmas, we have decided to paint wee bea's room. i also chose the wrong color. i really wanted yellow. a lemony bright yellow. but pale. does that make sense? well i was so off. matt put a swatch of the paint we bought on the wall and it matches our living room & hallway almost perfectly! (have i mentioned i don't like the color anymore and want to repaint those as well? the color is looking to me like a smoker has lived in this house for 50 years.) anyhow. today i am spackling and priming (wow, we have torn these walls up!). this weekend we will go and get a lovely lavender color and forget the agony of choosing the right yellow.

LOTS of spackle

yes. this is how my day looks.


and this pile will follow. i was inspired by these and have drawn up my own pattern to attempt for bea. she seems to be smitten by owls so i think it will be a good thing. if i can make it happen. and there is something to be in the works for my little indiana jones fan as well. luckily, i will have a little help with that.

the stash
well, i'm off. i better get moving : )


  1. Oh my! Funny about the yellow... I once tried to paint our kitchen cabinets what I thought was going to be a cheerful sunny yellow and instead it looked like acid. So I went back to white. And one of the big old buildings in town was just repainted -- a huge old place with a turret -- and the new owner started painting it a yellow primer which was nice but then the real yellow he put over was acidy, too! And people complained! And so he changed it to a lovely soft yellow. Whew. You wouldn't think yellow would be so hard... Good luck with all your projects!!!

  2. I just finished up painting too.. that same pale-sih yellow-ish color was what I liked as well.

    You have got me looking forward to the finished project....!

  3. Yellow can be such a funny color to paint. Hope the lavender looks lovely and look forward to the end result.


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