finding my balance

today is the start of the one word project over at shutter sisters.

my goal this month is to take a step back, regenerate and find some balance. and there you have my word for the month. at this moment balance represents so many things to me and it is the main thing i am seeking. besides, a creative challenge may be just the thing to get my head out of the lingering funk of january.
so, for february i plan on having very few words here and instead will do my best to bring what i capture through my lens and showcase it here.

want to join in?


  1. I have been relating to your recent post ALL too well. I at first thought that I was alone in my feelings of despair, but as I traveled around this blog world I discovered that I'm not so hopeless (as I was feeling).
    I have been taking tiny steps as well to feel a sense of 'balance'.
    I look forward to your photos and a positive state of mind. take care...

  2. doesn't it help knowing you are not alone?
    january was a bit dreary, but i think february is looking brighter.

  3. I think I go through this like every other month...


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