mmmm mmm muffins!

we were all at a friends house last weekend. while our husbands were downstairs admiring woodworking tools and putting them to use, i sat in awe of my friends comfortableness and prowess in the kitchen.
let me begin by saying that this was happening in a kitchen that is undergoing a full on remodel. she was working with no sink, stovetop, or cabinets (though the cabinet frames were in and they are gorgeous - made of walnut - which her talented husband is making himself). she had a pantry, a board for a countertop, and her beautiful new double wall oven. in the midst of this i witness her make lunch for all the kids, whip up a batch of muffins, and stick dinner in the oven. this may sound normal and simple, which i am sure it is for some people.

*i am not one of those people.*

that is why i was in awe. she moved effortlessly and confidently all the while carrying on a conversation with me and responding to the kids. when i am in the kitchen it is more of a frenzied mess. and i do mean myself and the actual kitchen. i'm not saying i am incompetent when in the kitchen, but i am out of my comfort zone. and if you want me to carry on a conversation - well, it may be a little disconnected to say the least. (wait, i'm like that most of the time anyway - though i swear i wasn't before children).

anyway, the point of this is - my friend made these very tasty muffins (she mills her own flour too) and it got me craving muffins.

so, i looked for some recipes online, thinking 'why don't we have muffins all the time?'.

mmmm mmmm muffin

so, here is the first recipe i made. i made two batches. one for immediate consumption and another to freeze.
i made some modifications on the second batch and prefer it over the first.
on the second batch i used only whole wheat flour. i also didn't have enough cinnamon - so i also added some ground ginger and a pinch of nutmeg. next time i think i will up the ground ginger and add a bit of honey too.
i think this might be the next recipe i try.

how about you? do you have any delicious muffin recipes you enjoy making? please share!

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