feels like . . .

under the weather
feels like i have cotton balls stuffed around my skull and i swallowed sand. it hurts to lift my head.
thankful for hand made quilts, portable dvd players, sleepytime snugglies, good recipes to share later (when i can think enough to link to them), a husband who came home from work early and took the kiddos to the store.
hope to catch up on what you are up to very soon.


  1. oh that just stinks.... I was that way a couple of week ago... when I bent over I just thought that my head was going to just pop off!!!! hope you feel better soon...

  2. Hope you get well soon!

  3. lucy, that is a fairly accurate description of how i feel too. i am starting to feel better though.
    thank you simone!

  4. oh no! Hope you are feeling better now.


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