mad dash

day four of potty training. so far so good. there have been a few accidents, but fewer than i was expecting.
he's actually doing great and sometimes announces his need to go with such excitement. after he goes i always say 'give me potty fives!' and instead of giving me a five he sort of head butts each of my hands. whatever floats his boat.
 i know this could backfire and become much more difficult but there is no turning back now.
my hope is that he is as proud of himself as we are of him and that is what keeps things going smoothly. 
of course spider-man underwear help - along with the promise of star wars undies if he does well staying dry over the next week.


  1. isn't it fun? I'm doing it with my daughter. She actually does really well now... I just haven't ventured outside the house in just panties yet. ((yikes))

  2. lucy - fun is not the word i would choose : )

    leave the house! you can do it. we ran errand the second day and had no accidents. of course with a boy it may be easier. henry did have to go outdoors a couple times. don't worry it was in a wooded area ; )


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