kitchen mishaps(?)

i found this on my coffee table after leaving the boy unattended for a few minutes. luckily nobody was hurt. (hello! he chose to get out chili powder and pepper!!! he couldn't have chosen the greek seasoning?) so one of our next projects will be letting him choose whatever ingredients he wants and letting him 'cook'. oh and that is his cereal under all the chili powder.

my mishap, if you can call it that, was trying to open a screw top bottle of wine with a corkscrew (notice the hole in the cap). and the worst mishap of all, is that the wine wasn't very good. and i was so looking forward to a nice glass of wine. ah, well. at least i learned to check whether my bottle has a cork or a screw top!


  1. Wow. I'm thinking you and Henry should be kept out of the kitchen? Stop disturbing the peas?

  2. Ha! Those darned screw tops :-)

  3. diane- what!?! i think i just need some decent (cheap) wine, then i'll be fine. henry, on the other hand . . .
    there's no keeping that kid out of the kitchen. he who mastered the two child proofing cabinet locks months ago!

    beki - never assume your wine is corked, i guess!

  4. i'm just glad to see i'm not the only person who opens bottles of wine without taking off the foil first. pour me a glass, will ya? i don't mind screw top, i've even been known to drink wine out of a box!

  5. i will definitely share my wine with you, molly! only this bottle is destined to be used for cooking only.


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