why i didn't even touch my camera today

i had the full intention of posting here today about our dilemma regarding henry and dinner time.
but to be honest, i don't have it in me tonight. i didn't have it in me today. i was almost defeated today. i had a boy who was testing my patience more than he has in a long time and it took all i had to get through the day without tears.  at one point i was so frustrated with henry and i believe the feeling was mutual, that i just sat and hugged him till we both had calmed down. it took a few minutes. by that time, i had already raised my voice more than i care to admit, and had finally realized that much of my frustration was due to my being tired. i switched gears after that, we did an easy impromptu craft with cut paper, fabric, glue and then we had an early lunch. then i did the best thing i could have done for all of us. 

i took a nap, snuggled between bea and henry. some days naps are magical (and completely necessary). 

while the rest of my day did not go perfectly, i was much better equipped to handle it. 
we even accomplished baking cookies together and that helped sweeten our evening.


  1. absolutely naps are necessary!!

  2. so good that you were able to care for yourself. so hard to do. I'm right there with you with the crying with your boy, at the frustration, the overwhelm, and my, so grateful to hear a sweet end, a shift. Brava, mama.
    and dinnertime! what a farce! i could write a BOOK. you know Max in where the wild things are? with the fork, chasing the cat? you know. yes, that. and more. we just keep eating. our wine consumption has increased.

  3. you are like an old pro at this already.

    you have already figured out the big secret formula of a deep breath, a big hug, and a nice nap and how it can really make or break your day (and your children's) to remember to slow down and refocus before things go haywire.

    you are a great mom.

  4. i too covet my midday nap with k when i can get one. and they are 2 and 4. take them reel in them, i always try and remember they will not be this little ever again. they will not want to snuggle far sooner than i want to admit, so cuddle cuddle cuddle!!! dishes and luandry and all that stuff is just that STUFF that waits and is always there, those naps won't.

  5. amy -it's nice to know we're not the only ones who keep eating. i want to enjoy my dinner and not have a battle every night. we just leave his food on the table and he can graze on it as he chooses until bedtime.
    it works for us - but i do wish he'd sit (or stand) with us at the table. it'd be nice to have a meal together.
    if only my wine consumption could increase! maybe once bea is sleeping all throughout the night.

    holly - you are too sweet. the trick is remembering to take that deep breath. and not to squeeze to hard when hugging!

    kristin - exactly!

  6. What graceful honestly. Blessings to you and yours one day at a time.


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