it's phoney

but i don't care. maybe i'm late coming to this, maybe not. but if you haven't checked this out yet give it a try. it's fun even if it's fake.
there are a few drawbacks (that i'm aware of). it is only mac compatible at this time. and you can't center your pictures the way you might want. if there are more drawbacks i haven't figured them out yet. but with the scarcity and cost of polaroid film, this is a fun alternative i think.


  1. very cool! too bad i don't have a mac. i think picnik has a polaroid feature if you "upgrade". i really should upgrade. the font selection is so much better. especially love the last pic. reminds me of my jar of rocks on the kitchen windowsill.

  2. i don't use picnik as much as i should. i'm going to have to play around on there some more.

    we have jars and piles on the windowsill. and in the bathroom and the computer desk and. . .


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