we had some strange weather today. gray, misty, and chilly this morning giving way to waves of sun and rain in the afternoon. it's 9:oo pm and i still have the windows open.

when the sun finally broke through henry asked if he could paint outside. so i set him up with paint, brushes, and taped a huge piece of paper up on the sliding back door. he painted for a little while and then asked me if i know the guy who paints with drips.

"jackson pollock?", i asked.
"yes", henry said.

so i asked if he wanted to paint like him.


matt came out to take a look. henry told him he was painting like 'jack pollock'.

a couple of weeks ago we bought a year pass to the high museum because we got a great deal on a family pass. we haven't used it yet, but thursday i plan on taking the littles down there. every thursday is 'toddler thursday' and they have an art/craft project for the kids to do and of course you can hang around the museum. many times the project relates to an exhibit being shown. this could be really great or really, uh, interesting. i'll keep you posted.

art by henry.


  1. i want to do this! looks like fun.

  2. I *****love**** that boy. Delicious.

  3. i know!! i think sometime soon we'll have to go get some discounted paint somewhere and do a family version.

    amy, me too. he blows my mind.

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