long overdue.

way back in february there was this thing called valentine's day. maybe you've heard of it.
i'm not too into it, but it is fun for the littles. i got around to making them each something (though bea's didn't quite turn out - i'll share that later).

i walked into my lys knit night some time ago and was immediately drawn to this book. i wanted to make just about everything in it! when i brought it home it was a big hit too and the requests came flying in. first on the list was this guy

Picnik collage

he's made by knitting up a few rectangles in garter stitch. super simple. i used ella rae classic except for the feet and bowtie which are leftover berrocco. the stitching up part was a little awkward for me but i did the best i could. he's a bit wonky, but so are we, so he fits in just fine.

i'd never knit a toy before and i really do want to tackle that book. so many cute things (ravelry link) to make!

my goal is to at least have a toy in the works always. right now its felted super bouncy balls. (that's really hard to type with a straight face).

i'm also chugging away on bea's shrug. it is slow going. i made a mistake somewhere and hopefully ripped back to the right place. now if i can figure what row i'm on it should be a breeze from here on out. hopefully it will still fit here when i'm finished.

and for those of you reading this. thank you. it means a lot to me that you are taking time out of your day to stop by here. i've been here sporadically and i'm hoping that will change, but i just haven't had much to say. so, thanks for sticking around : )

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  1. that is one adorable penguin, jessica! (have your kids watched Pingu? it a freebie on netflix's watch it now menu and a real silly crowd pleaser.) if i could just get over my love-hate relationship with DPNs a whole new world of knitting would open up for me. i think i'll make it my 2010 goal to get over it and embrace the DPs. especially if it means i could make cute lovies like this one for my kids.


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