let the sun shine.

let the sun shine.

saying goodbye to winter today.

the weather was beyond enjoyable. all the woolens dried in one day! windows and doors were open. a certain young boy was running around shirtless, which then led to a little sister doing the same. strawberries were eaten out on the back porch. snail shells were hunted. dishes were ignored. more fruit was eaten outside. the swings were flying high. welcome home from work beers were enjoyed on the lawn. a curmudgeonly dog soaked up some rays. and a large salad was enjoyed for dinner.

now off to tend to those dishes.

glad to see you spring. see you tomorrow.


  1. love the new banner.
    yeah for spring.

  2. What a great picture! Am also a C+C Photography tutorial participant and checking out the blogs - yours is great! Have a great weekend.


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