letter love.

letter love.

his curiosity about letters (and writing and reading) is such a joy to me. i really am enjoying the journey and progression. from recognizing his first letter (H, and that was it for a long time - it's still his favorite letter) to learning more of them every day. to asking what signs say (and i how know what they say) and wanting me to read him anything and everything. and now when drawing asking me what people's names look like. i write the letters while saying what they are then lay the piece of paper near him so he can look if he likes. then i'm done. hands off.
at first the letters he would write were all over the page, and sometimes they still are, but now he's trying to put them in order. at least in his way.

through this, i am also learning about his way of learning. he doesn't like to be asked questions. he won't answer them. he likes to be the one doing the asking. he doesn't take well to being directed much either. (i have no idea where that comes from). instead, i have found that if i show him materials, how to use them, and back off, he is much quicker to pick them up. he definitely wants to go at his own pace and in his own style. so far it's working.

and it's honestly rocking my world right now. this curiosity and his desire to know and not being afraid to ask. it's the coolest.

***just in case you can't tell, he wrote jessica. the 'ica' is flowing around the bottom of the page and back up. did i mention this is the coolest!?***


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