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i was tagged by the ladies of two black sheep to amuse you with six random things about myself so . .
here goes:

six random things
(you may or may not want to know)

though i was young in the eighties, i am still a product of it. i liked michael jackson, i used to roller skate in our garage (the floor was perfect) while singing along with licensed to ill, i coveted swatches, wore stirrup pants and leg warmers, layered socks and rolled jeans and yes, i collected unicorns.

and for the record i still love the beastie's, wear leg warmer's, and may have just rekindled my wanting of a swatch watch by going to that link. the unicorns, however, uh, not so much.

it drives me bonkers. seriously bonkers, to hear or see someone bite into anything really cold. it makes my teeth hurt just to watch it. i don't even have to hear it. it gives me the willies. i have been like this as long as i can remember. and wouldn't you know it, both henry and matt do it when eating popsicles and ice cream. yech!

in the year 2000, matt and i had been together for about 5 years. i discovered this little tradition that in leap years women would/could propose (marriage) to their men. so i did it. i proposed to matt on february 29, 2000. (he said yes). i called his mother and asked for her blessing and i gave him a pocket watch (it seemed traditional). we were happily married on june 8, 2002.

{this one was going to be about my crush on lyle lovett, but matt didn't think that was very nice. love you, matt.}
i once skipped a test in a poly sci class to go and see spike lee speak at my school. i agonized over this for days. should i go or should i take the test? well . . . we know what happened. my main reason for going - crooklyn*. i LOVE this movie. LOVE.
i had to go listen to the man who directed this (and has worked so many times with john turturro, love him too). spike was pretty laid back and seemed nice, not as conceited and cocky as he appears to be at times. he autographed my crooklyn cd and my copy of please baby please that i bought. it was worth skipping the test and i still got an A in the class.

*if you have not seen this and you want a good laugh, and a good cry, all while listening to an awesome soundtrack, i highly recommend this film. it's one of my top ten, maybe even 5.

i am not the cook in this household. if you ever see photos of me cooking it is only as proof that i do it on occasion. i may help every so often, though henry helps more often than i do. i am just lucky in that my husband enjoys cooking (i usually don't) and is very. very. very good at it (see random thing #3). i may be the baker, but the chef i am not. i could delight you with stories of my cooking follies for hours. like the time when i was maybe 14 or so and i had start dinner before my mom came home. we were having turkey and it had one of the bags with the innards in it. yeah. i was freaking out about sticking my hand up there and yanking it out. i went and got our neighbor to come and get it out. (this is the same neighbor who used to bury our deceased pets for us behind our garage. until the time he asked if he could keep one. but i digress.) is it sad that i can tell you i almost repeated this same scenario when i was a nanny 14 years later? only i didn't know any of the neighbors. but i had the mom almost peeing her pants on the phone because i was freaking out that i had my arm shoved up a turkey butt and i couldn't feel any bag!! i'm telling her i'm violating her bird and she says 'oh, well there may not be one (bag of innards) in there." there's more embarrassing stories here, but we'll save those for another day.

i have a foolish fear of heights. i get panicky and feel like i am going to pass out. this did not develop until i was in my mid 20's. i get woozy looking over a second story balcony. there have been times i have been so scared that i bawled like a baby. in public. my husband likes to laugh at me while this happens (while rescuing me and telling me that i'm not that high up and i could just jump down).

Here are the rules for the meme: Post the rules on your blog. Write six random things about yourself. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.

so, most people that i know read my blog may have recently been tagged for this meme or a similar one. so i am inviting lucy jane, seemownay, kristin, amy, diane and holly to play along if they so choose or if they haven't already been tagged.


  1. Cool. Sometimes I really love playing and being tagged. It has been a while. I'll start thinking about six random things.

  2. Unicorns.
    but I still love them!

  3. I just realized you tagged me... certainly I will give it a go.

  4. done! finally. i am so slammed with busy-ness right now. after the new year i will have my head above water. :)

  5. oh yeah, i know all about being a victim i mean product of the eighties. i only had two swatches (and wore them at the same time) but i drooled over so many more at the swatch counter at macys. and how i wish i still had my multi colored fair isle leg warmers.


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