tis the season (now get to work)

i feel very neglectful of this space and that i am hurriedly putting posts up here just to be posting. i think some days will just be hit or miss as things are getting busier and busier around here (as i am sure it is with you also). i have much knitting and creating to do. henry is very interested and curious about christmas this year, so i want to take things slow and enjoy this season with him and experience it a little more through his eyes and get him involved.
so if you are wondering what i am up to i am doing a lot of knitting (i always start my holiday knitting in november),

cutting, gluing, painting (assisting henry really)
and baking (inspired by diane and her study plan i am baking all of our bread).

sporadically putting up the holiday decorations as i find them or make them. listening to holiday music and enjoying some evenings by the fire. having a few cups of hot chocolate or maybe a glass of wine. and always. always. wishing for snow (and for someone to clean my windows).

*and if you like that star made from sticks and jute, head over to a foothill home companion for better pictures and a tutorial. (henry loves helping with this one, he is a master stick gatherer)!


  1. you are a brave, superhuman person. i cannot knit my way out of a paper bag this year.

    we did, however, gather sticks today. We'll see. Everyone may be getting a star for the holidays.

  2. ah, sounds perfect. i wish we could enjoy the season more slowly - seems that homework is messing with our "enjoy the season" plans. i found a pile of sticks down the street and am anxious to gather some and make more stars. so glad henry likes to help make them!

  3. I was looking at the pictures again and um, that's a beautiful loaf. Whatizit? I must know. It really is a looker.
    My fave bread recipe right now is the whole grain bread from Cooking for the Whole Family, by Cynthia Lair.

  4. amy - you give me much more credit than i deserve. seriously. the bread is the deli rye from artisan breads in 5 minutes a day. i am not much of a cook (luckily my husband is the chef) and i tend to botch everything i bake and this book has been great! all my bread has turned out delicious, except one loaf. not sure what went wrong on that one. have fun making stars! and your new avatar is awesome - it should win some sort of award!

    molly - we're just trying to enjoy the season more slowly. not sure if it will really happen. it's easy in the beginning of the month ; )
    ugh, homework. i was thinking about you and your little ones the other day and wondering how school was going for them and if they are still enjoying it. how are you still holding up with that?

  5. I have the book on hold at the library;), thanks!

  6. oh so beautiful i like you ideas, this post os so cozy and warm.


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