feeling a bit like this lately?

me? i am going back and forth. some days i have the spirit others i don't. this week, not so much.
first of all, while the rest of the country is getting blanketed in snow and ice - we are experiencing record highs (70's). while some of you may envy this, it doesn't really help put you in a holiday mood. i need to be inside crafting and baking, when i really just want to be outside. i'm having trouble splitting my time up.

speaking of baking. i discovered over the weekend that i am not one of those people who excels at baking and decorating sugar cookies (i really do envy you people). especially when my two year old helper has barely napped and i am already in a pissy mood. not a good combination.
then it also doesn't help that i pretty much suck at baking and decorating sugar cookies. i promised henry that we would get better at this as the years go by. then as i am beginning to clean up this is what i witness:

okay. so next year i can just have him do it on his own. even better! *and for the record, i looked nowhere near at ease as he did.*

i'm trying to stick with the things i do grasp and have a small amount of experience with. it's a little limiting. but i am making do. and without trying to rush or stress myself, i still have several projects to start and complete over the next week. so i will be popping in and out, here and there over the next week.

i know many of you will be working your magic at full speed over the next week too. hang in there, and stay calm and relaxed (and breathe). enjoy your gift of craftiness. you are what makes this time of year special for those around you, so take time to revel in it too.


  1. I burst out in a booger-snorting laugh when I saw that tree and your commentary!
    This, after pulling ornaments out of the ASHES of the fireplace. Oi vey.

  2. Just as grinchy right here in the middle of snow-ice-sleet-rain land. Not really holiday happy this year, but your little assistant looks happy . . . did he "help" with the tree?

  3. ha! no, he didn't help with the tree, but he did make sure the rest of the house complimented it. my house looks like i left him home by himself today.

  4. Anonymous12/17/2008

    such a pretty mantle. I wish I had a mantle.

  5. such sweet baking photos! :^)

  6. "my house looks like i left him home by himself today."

    gut-bustingly funny.

    *i am trying hard to get in the spirit of things, too. but you're right. it is so hard with the weather like this. remember snow?


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