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not much to say here (really it's lack of time more than it is lack of words), just wanted to pop in and show you all that we are still alive and kickin'.

lola and ava at two black sheep did a meme that was pretty fun so i considered myself tagged. especially because i didn't know what would show up on my ipod. i don't remember the last time i listened to music on it. since i don't spend much time in the car anymore i listen to all my favorite npr shows on podcasts and that is what i mainly use it for. so this was a nice reminder for me that there are other things out there for me to listen to besides fresh air and this american life.
so here are the rules (and play along if you like):
Turn on your MP3 player or iTunes on the computer. Go to "shuffle songs" mode. Write down the first 15 songs that come up--song title and artist.

storm coming - gnarls barkley
chapter 6 - harry potter and the deathly hallows
don't pass me by - the beatles
slow & low - beastie boys
mama boulet - leftover salmon
blue bayou - cox family
double play - bela fleck
the same boy you've always known - the white stripes
i hear music - billie holiday
evangeline - emmylou harris and the band
bullfrog shuffle - bela fleck
every time i go around here - frank black
the new pollution - beck
ungakhohlwa - ladysmith black mambazo
la bayamesa - buena vista social club

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  1. Good list. Glad you are still alive and kicking.. enjoying your blog. It is hard to find time in the summer.. I hear ya. Summer is golden and we don't want to waist a minute of it.


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