hey, i made something!

i spent saturday evening sewing. my plan was to make the boy some pants to take to colorado. it's very difficult to find pants that fit this kid. even ones with adjustable waists are too big. he was napping when i made them and when he woke i had him try them on and they were HUGEmongous. luckily, they were big enough i can take them apart and try again.
bib detail
well, i felt the need to redeem myself with a quick project. we have a lot of babies coming into our lives soon. friends who are more like family are expecting (right after we leave from visiting them!). and we have a new cousin coming any day now, and a sweet niece making her debut in november. so i tried a baby bib using one of bea's for a pattern guide. somehow the neck hole was a wee bit too small. i was disappointed, so i tried again. the pattern looked great. then the machine decided it wanted to battle. i'll just say the machine won. i gave up and decided to try again in the day light.
bib detail
i'm glad i did! maybe the machine and i just needed to get some sleep because in the morning the problems with the *ahem* machine were gone.
more bib
result: a super cute baby bib with yellow stripes in cotton flannel and a blue print in cotton.
bea and a bib 2
bea and bib 1
i am so pleased with this little piece. most things i have sewn require a straight line only. i am mastering the curves. and it feels good! (and it looks pretty good, too!)


  1. Beautifully done! Curved lines AND a snap!! Wooohoooo you!

  2. Love your blog. Found you via Four Green Acres. I've added you to my blog list! Thanks for the smiles.

  3. One day bibs, next day - leotards!
    Very sweet.

  4. Aww so sweet! Great job mama : )


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