yarn resting on bronze ass-now that i'm off mine

yarn resting on bronze ass, originally uploaded by gonzo_mama.

Right now I am a nervous nellie. I have never blogged before
and in all honesty I have been reading others blogs for only
about 2 months. So I expect lots of changes as I get the hang
of this.
I was compelled to begin blogging by all of my fellow knitters
out there. What a great community we are! I was blown away
by how many knitters are actually out there & I couldn't resist joining
the crowd.
So, this is my arrival and forgive me for my blunders. I will
soon get the hang of this and hopefully make it interesting
in the meantime. If not, hopefully my family will enjoy this!
As for knitting, I have recently come off a knitting
hiatus. Cause is unknown but is sure to never happen again.
So I am going full throttle (well, trying to) and have since
finished Henry's baby blanket now that he is one (which Jenny
and Nicole mention on episode 31!)(the blanket, not H. being
one; started Ben's stocking, gone to SAFF, and will soon be casting on my first
sweater and first sock(s).


  1. Well, I thought it was pretty good for your first post! Is the yarn on the ass what you're using for the sweater? I like those colors=)

  2. No, the ass yarn is for my socks. The sweater is a green tweedy wool/alpaca blend. Thanks for the comment and stay tuned.

  3. Welcome to the land of blogging, you seem like a pro!

    And thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :)

  4. I agree with the first commentor. Anyone who mentions ass and yarn in their first blog post must have something interesting to say. Plus I really like what you wrote in your profile I laughed.


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