I have been trucking away on Ben's stocking, which I was really enjoying at first. Then it was frogged not once, but twice.
I have finished the pattern and will begin the heel this evening. Have I mentioned that instead of Ben it reads "Den". Thank goodness, for duplicate stitch. I have some other issues with this stocking. The pattern is a bit odd. I have made some slight
modifications, but seeing as how I have:

a) never knit a sock or stocking, b) never modified a pattern, or c) never given a knitted gift other than a scarf or hat- I am nervous about the reception this will receive. Ben will have this for the rest of his life. Hopefully it will hold up.

In other knitting news, the Weasley sweater is coming along wonderfully. Maybe some of my knitting anxiety is coming from the fact that I am taking on 3 different projects, all of them completely new to me. I just have to accept that the time has come for me to grow as a knitter and endure my shortcomings.

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