My creation
these 3 people. make my heart all mushy. make me laugh harder than i ever have or ever will. make me feel things that are near indescribable, but i know you what i mean because your family makes you feel the exact same way. make me feel loved. make me happy.



for those moments where i can grab some snuggles and some knitting. and for not letting it get to me that time is flying by and my to do list isn't shrinking but growing. maybe it has something to do with all the snuggling.



i'm a finalist over at the greeblepix contest this month!
aimee always gets some amazing entries in her monthy contest. so, click on over and take a look.
and of course, i'd love your support, but go with your heart if you vote.
this was my entry.
a pure sooc capture of henry. he was so wacky that day and having so much fun, i couldn't stop clicking!



{peace} & {quiet}
for the peaceful moments. because sometimes they seem so few.




matt home on a weekday. i love when that happens.



can't get enough
feeling grateful to myself this morning for hanging onto henry's swimming diapers from 2 summers ago. all the cloth diapers were dirty this morning, so testing the swimmy ones out of water : )



matt's upcoming show
his first lecture and he will be the only sculptor!


for learning how to embrace the bigger picture. (if you like neat and orderly and are disturbed by chaos and destruction you may want to look away now).
many times we share the prettier moments of our lives and forget about the big picture.
life is often messy, chaotic, and in my case unorganized.
i am constantly shuffling things around our house as our needs and space change.
always trying to find more efficient and useful solutions for our everyday and long term needs.
but, in the meantime, my house is often disorderly and lived in. very lived in.

and if you want to celebrate the evolving mess that is our lives come join the big picture!

coffee table friday afternoon
kitchen counter: around 3 p.m.
what should be my sewing table
i admit it
*disclaimer - only those last two photos are current. i really couldn't handle my entire house looking like this all at once.



for accommodating weather.
piles of leaves.
children who don't mind dirt.
outdoor fires to sit by.
listening to 'guy' talk.

boy and leaves
fall requisite
fireside chats



finally some flare

a whole week of sunshine! and the one of the most amazing moons i've ever seen (i didn't get a picture, but this is a great capture of how we saw it. it was so BIG!).

polaroid dreams

there's just something about polaroid film. it's an instant tangible memory of a single moment.

polaroid week 2009 favorites

and while i unfortunately did not participate in 'roid week 2009 this go round, there was a lot of pola love going on.
so, i'm just going to keep sharing the love by posting some of my favorites of the week. some are just pure magic if you ask me.




he asked us to read him harry potter. i said that we had to start with the first one. he said he wanted the "blue" one. i told him if i was going to read it to him he has to start at the beginning. matt suggested we just put the blue cover on the sorcerer's stone. henry was okay with that. and it's working like a charm (or a spell). i was on page 10 before i realized he was asleep!

so i am grateful for a boy that wants to at least try to go big. there are so many books i look forward to reading out loud to and with the littles (when they are not so littles). i'm so happy that he's willing to give it a go now. i don't know how long it will last, but i'm going to enjoy it while it does.



tuesdays. knit night. enough said.

knitterly things
knit group

okay. seriously. i love my tuesday nights. spending a few hours a week with a fun, diverse, and encouraging group of fellow knitters is my "me" time. i'm not always the most productive knitter on these nights but that isn't the point. it has been a great resource for learning and laughs. we are loud and often rowdy (but aren't most knitting groups?), but the group is also full of the sweetest and most welcoming people. i am fortunate to have stumbled into this bunch.



short bits of one on one time with henry. the joy and energy that radiates from him is inspiring. seeing the world through his
eyes each day is getting more and more interesting. the places this boy's mind takes him is an adventure in itself. i am lucky
to spend my days with him.




for sweet little neck rolls

3 year old curiosities

spending my days with two of the smallest, sweetest, funniest, huggable, kissable, craziest, inquisitive people i know.