for learning how to embrace the bigger picture. (if you like neat and orderly and are disturbed by chaos and destruction you may want to look away now).
many times we share the prettier moments of our lives and forget about the big picture.
life is often messy, chaotic, and in my case unorganized.
i am constantly shuffling things around our house as our needs and space change.
always trying to find more efficient and useful solutions for our everyday and long term needs.
but, in the meantime, my house is often disorderly and lived in. very lived in.

and if you want to celebrate the evolving mess that is our lives come join the big picture!

coffee table friday afternoon
kitchen counter: around 3 p.m.
what should be my sewing table
i admit it
*disclaimer - only those last two photos are current. i really couldn't handle my entire house looking like this all at once.


  1. your big picture looks a lot like my big picture :)

  2. Life lived. Love it.

  3. oh, so it doesn't change as the littles get bigger? ha ha ha!

  4. Hooray for this! I love that it's not only me!


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